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Bournemouth vs Liverpool FA Cup Betting Preview

Bournemouth vs Liverpool FA Cup Betting Preview

This Saturday Liverpool will take on Bournemouth in the FA Cup and while it is widely expected that Liverpool will easily win, Bournemouth is not lacking in confidence.

The bookies are firmly behind Liverpool; Paddy Power has given the Reds odds of 4/11 to win while Bournemouth is miles behind with odds of 15/2. The odds on a draw aren’t much better at 15/4.

Bournemouth vs Liverpool FA Cup Betting Preview

This Saturday Bournemouth and Liverpool will be competing to stay in this year’s FA Cup competition.

However, Bournemouth’s midfielder Shaun MacDonald believes that his team can win. MacDonald has worked under Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers in the past and he believes that both his past and present managers (Eddie Howe) share similar philosophies which will lead to an exciting game.

MacDonald said, “We can approach the game with confidence because we are playing well. We know it is going to be difficult because they have got some world class players but we have got to believe in ourselves and go into the game positively.”

However, Liverpool is also feeling confident and will be going to the match determined to win. The team has a number of world class players and is far ahead of Bournemouth in the League.
With so much at stake it is sure to be an absolutely thrilling match.

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