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Marco Huck vs Firat Arslan – Betting Preview

Marco Huck vs Firat Arslan – Betting Preview

January 25th will see the WBO World Champion, Marco Huck fight his fellow German Firat Arslan and Huck has vowed that Arslan will not get as far as he did when they last met.

Fifteen months ago Huck was taken the distance by Arslan but Huck won by unanimous decision. Nonetheless Arslan always claims that he should’ve taken the title and sees their meeting in Stuttgart this week as an opportunity to make amends.

Huck on the other hand has said that Arslan will not get a second chance, “Firat Arslan cannot have a better performance than in our first meeting. At 43 he is flagging. He is slow but steady. In comparison, I am getting closer to my prime. My stamina as well as my physical strength are reaching new heights. My explosiveness is unquestionable and I am also better when it comes to technique and tactics.”

It seems that the bookies are agreeing with Huck’s analysis. William Hill has given Huck odds of 1/6 to win and Arslan odds of 4/1. It’s a similar picture at Paddy Power where they’ve only given Arslan slightly better odds of 7/2.

Nonetheless Arslan is staying upbeat, “I am feeling like the world champion since my first fight against Marco, which I actually won. Now it is time to collect my belt from him.”

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