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Everton vs Norwich Match Preview

Everton vs Norwich Match Preview

This Saturday Everton faces Norwich in the Premier League and by all accounts Everton should have a fairly easy win. The bookies have given Norwich odds of 8/1 to win but Everton are way ahead with odds of 2/5. A draw doesn’t seem particularly likely with odds of 7/2 available.

Everton vs Norwich Match Preview

Everton fans can look forward to an easy win when Norwich come to play this Saturday.

At present Everton is 5th in the league with 38 points after 20 games, the team has scored 32 goals and conceded 19. Norwich on the other hand is in 15th place with 20 points having only scored 17 times and conceding 33.

The last few games have seen Everton in excellent form and this is likely to continue for the next few games.

The team has shown that it has an excellent defense and is prepared to take a few calculated risks when attacking; this match is likely to prove no different especially as they know that Norwich isn’t particularly dangerous.

Unfortunately for Norwich they have shown themselves to be particularly weak when attacking and playing away at Everton’s home ground is likely to be a major disadvantage.

OCA News Editor