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Match Fixing Scandals Continue Across the World

Match Fixing Scandals Continue Across the World

The football world is once again being rocked by a series of match fixing scandals. In Kuala Lumpur eight FA members, including five players, have been suspended for life from playing football after being found guilty of match-fixing.

Kuala Lumpur Football Association

Eight Kuala Lumpur FA members suspended after investigation.

Datuk Taufik Adul Razak, the president of the Disciplinary Committee of the Football Association of Malaysia, has said that there is a no tolerance attitude towards match fixing. In a recent interview he said, “When we found out that this issue is still going on here in Malaysia, we decided to follow the principal of prevention is better than cure.”
The three suspended officials are head coach Stanislav Lievkosky, assistant team manager Rosdi Omar and Officer Shaari Jani. The suspended players are Jeremy Danker, Khairul Anuar Shafiee, Hafize Roslee, Fadhulah Yunsifar and Phoo Kai Lun. There are another 7 players still under investigation.

In Italy there are ongoing investigations into accusations of widespread match fixing in every category including Serie A. This week it has emerged that the 2006 World Cup winner Gennaro
Gattuso is currently being investigated.

The news hit fans hard as he has always been known for playing with huge amounts of passion. Should he turn out to be guilty it will likely shake the Italian football world to its core.

OCA News Editor