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Boxing Betting Preview – Uchiyama vs. Kaneko

Boxing Betting Preview – Uchiyama vs. Kaneko

Boxing fans have a fantastic New Year’s Eve match to look forward to when Daiki Kaneko challenges Takashi Uchiyama for his World Boxing Association featherweight title.

This is the eighth time that Uchiyama will be defending his title and the third time he’s done it on New Year’s Eve. He won the title back in January 2010 when he defeated by TKO the Mexican Juan Carlos Salgado.

Boxing Betting Preview – Uchiyama vs. Kaneko

Uchiyama is defending his World Boxing Association featherweight title for the eighth time, this time against Daiki Kaneko.

The good news for Uchiyama fans is that everyone expects him to retain his titles. Bookies are offering odds of 1/9 on an Uchiyama win while the best odds on Kaneko are 5/1.
It doesn’t all look bad for Kaneko; he is nine years younger than his opponent, a bit taller and has a far longer reach. Furthermore, he hasn’t been beaten for almost six years and only really looks at a disadvantage when examining statistics.
Nonetheless, Kaneko is not as experienced as his opponent and Uchiyama believes that this gives him the upper hand, “I have been fighting for twenty years, and won’t lose to a less experienced youngster with only a ten-year career.”

Regardless of Uchiyama’s record, Kaneko is going in determined to win, “Uchiyama is a strong champ, but it’s time that he’ll yield his belt to me. I’ll win either by a decision or by a knockout.”

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