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Leaky Roof at World Cup Stadium

Leaky Roof at World Cup Stadium

Earlier this week the operator of the most expensive of the twelve stadiums built or refurbished for the 2014 World Cup admitted that the venue has a leaking roof.

Leaky Roof at World Cup Stadium

The most expensive of the 12 football stadiums built in Brazil has developed a leaky roof.

Secopa, the local government agency in charge of the Mane Garrincha National Stadium in Brasilia has asked the company that rebuilt it to explain why the roof is letting rain in. The issue came to light during a women’s match between Brazil and Chile last weekend.

According to local media, almost the entire lower ring of the stands was soaked.

However, Secopa said the problem is not serious and it would not affect any of the World Cup matches due to be played there.

In a statement Secopa said, “Because it is a new, grandiose and complex stadium, some small points are still being corrected and tested but there is nothing that compromises the running of the stadium or the holding of events there.”

Secopa went on to say that the stadium has a five year guarantee and any repairs will be paid for by the builders.
The stadium cost over $500 million to build and is due to host six World Cup matches including a quarter-final and the third-place playoff.

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