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Can Weidman Prevent Silva Reclaiming His Title?

Can Weidman Prevent Silva Reclaiming His Title?

This Sunday Chris Weidman will be making the first defence of his UFC Middleweight Championship title and he is facing Anderson Silva, the very man he took it from.

For all the Silva fans hoping he can regain his title, the good news is that the bookies are on his side. Silva is favourite to win with odds of 4/7 and Weidman is quite a way behind at 11/8.

The trick to Weidman’s first win was his confidence and the title is sure to back that up. However, Silva is no pushover and if Weidman wants to retain his title then he must never forget that.

There is no doubt that if Silva manages to land a couple of well-placed punches then the fight will be over. Even if he doesn’t manage the cleanest strikes then Weidman will still have to survive Silva’s strength. Weidman needs to be able to absorb a hit from one of the most devastating strikers in MMA’s history.

Nonetheless, Weidman is a very clever fighter and this mental agility could prove crucial. Last match Silva’s taunting got to Weidman and if he wants to retain his title he has to stay absolutely focused.

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