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Titans Score Double Victory in Las Vegas

Titans Score Double Victory in Las Vegas

California State Fullerton men’s ice hockey team, the Titans, finished the year on a high note by achieving their first shutout of the season against the University of Nevada Las Vegas Rebels last Saturday. The Titans 3-0 victory completed a fantastic weekend for the team having already beaten the Rebels 5-3 on Friday night.

Titans Score Double Victory in Las Vegas

The Titans beat the University of Nevada Las Vegas Rebels twice last weekend to end the year on a high.

The Titan’s senior goalie Brandon Heethuis secured his team’s win by making 36 saves during the game. Las Vegas’ goalkeeper also managed an impressive 47 saves.

It was a fairly tense game with a few coincidental penalties. After the game Heethuis said, “If they’re going to draw a penalty, you want to get coincidental. You don’t want to just take a penalty so they’re on the power play.”

The Titan’s assistant Coach Chris Houlihan said that they won as they stuck to their game plan and didn’t let the Rebels get to them.

The win means that the Titans remain undefeated in their last eight matches. Houlihan said, “We’ve just been building on the momentum, getting better each game. The boys have just been executing what we’ve been practicing.”

Next the Titans face Chapman University on Jan. 4 at KHS Ice Arena.

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