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Boxing Heavyweights to Clash in Atlantic City

Boxing Heavyweights to Clash in Atlantic City

Two major heavyweights are preparing to fight on the Atlantic City boardwalk on December 14th in the next edition of NBC Sports Network’s Fight Night.

Boxing Heavyweights to Clash in Atlantic City

The Resorts International Hotel and Casino will host the fight between Amir Mansour and Kelvin Price.

The undefeated knockout artist Amir Mansour, 19-0, 14Kos, will take on Kelvin Price, 14-1, 6 Kos in a 10-round battle at the Superstar Theatre at Resorts International Hotel and Casino. The fight will not only provide top quality heavyweight action, but it should also clear up which fighter has a future in the division.
Mansour is aggressive and mean inside the ring and is strong enough to end any fight with a single punch. Only one of his knockout victims has made it out of the third round. However, Mansour isn’t all about knockouts, he has also won 10- and 12-round decisions in his career. Mansour is looking for his twentieth victory and the chance to begin working towards the title.

Price was an outstanding athlete in high school and college and has played professional basketball in the CBA and USBL. However, his true talent lies in boxing; he has defeated Tor Hamer, Arron Lyons and Danny Wlliams and sees the upcoming fight as his ticket to the title.

OCA News Editor