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FIFA President Calls for Harsh Sanctions over Racism

FIFA President Calls for Harsh Sanctions over Racism

FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter has said that he wants tougher sanctions over racism in football, including teams kicked out of tournaments and points deducted.

FIFA President Calls for Harsh Sanctions over Racism

Speaking at the FA’s 150th anniversary gala, Blatter called for teams to be kicked out of tournaments and have points deducted for racism.

Blatter was speaking at the Football Association’s 150th anniversary gala in London when he said, “It has been decided by the Fifa congress that it is a nonsense for racism to be dealt with by fines, you can always find money from somebody to pay them.”

Instead, Blatter said, “We need to eliminate teams from a competition or deduct points. Only by such decisions is it possible to go against racism and discrimination. If we don’t do that, it will go on and go on. We have to stop it, we need the courage to do it.”
Blatter said that he is sure that racism within the sport can be defeated, but “only with harsh sanctions”.

Blatter’s sentiments were echoed by FA chairman Greg Dyke, he said that the kick racism out of football campaign is in its 20th year, and while it has achieved real success “we all know there’s more to be done and the FA mustn’t stop here.”

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