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Klitschko Defeats Povetkin for WBA Heavyweight Title

Klitschko Defeats Povetkin for WBA Heavyweight Title

Wladimir Klitschko has once again beaten his latest opponent. Over the weekend he was challenged by WBA Heavyweight title holder Alexander Povetkin for a lineal championship, however, despite being in his home country, Povetkin failed to relieve Klitschko of his crown.

Klitschko Defeats Povetkin for WBA Heavyweight Title

Despite some dirty tactics, Klitschko has shown himself to be a truly great fighter with his latest victory.

By winning the match Klitschko has improved to 61-3 and added Povetkin’s WBA title to his collection. The three judges, Ted Gimza, Glenn Feldman and Philippe Verbeke all scored the fight at 119-104.

Four times in the fight Klitschko floored Povetkin, three times in the seventh round. In credit to Povetkin it seemed he wouldn’t survive the seventh frame, however, he proved tougher than expected.

After the fight Klitschko said, “That was a tough bit of work, he’s a real fighter, I kept landing the punches, but he stayed in there.”

While there were no real highlights for Povetkin, he did show that he is capable of taking some serious punches and refusing to quit. However, Povetkin’s job wasn’t made easier by Klitschko’s tactics which included pushing Povetkin down.

Towards the end of the fight Klitschko looked tired and employed his suspect tactics more frequently. It was clear that he was exhausted and just wanted to bring the fight to an end.

OCA News Editor