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Indianapolis Motor Speedway Announces New Road Course Race

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Announces New Road Course Race

This week officials from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway announced details of a second IndyCar race planned for 2014. IMS president Doug Boles made the big announcement that the speedway will hold the Grand Prix of Indianapolis on a road course that will be set within the main oval at the speedway.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Announces New Road Course Race

The IMS has announced a new road course race planned to take place in May 2014.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been the epicentre of racing for over a century.

According to IMS officials the original designers had always dreamed of constructing a road course inside the main oval and now drivers of the Indy 500 will run on a road course circuit.

The first Grand Prix of Indianapolis will take place on Saturday May 10 2014. The road course race will have a standing start and will run clockwise, the opposite of the Indianapolis 500.

In further good news for fans, officials have said that the race will be much more family-friendly and inexpensive to watch. A spokesman said, “The most expensive ticket will be less than half the cost of the most expensive ticket for the Indy 500.” This means that the cost of a ticket will be roughly $50.

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