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Cathal Pendred Desperate for UFC Contract

Cathal Pendred Desperate for UFC Contract

Fighter Cathal Pendred has decided to go after a UFC contract and he is determined to do whatever it takes in order to score one.

Cathal Pendred Desperate for UFC Contract

Cathal Pendred has said that he will do whatever it takes to receive a UFC contract.

Pendred recently defeated the best competition in Europe and claimed the Cage Warriors welterweight title and he believes that he is moving closer to being offer a contract by the UFC.

Last month he travelled to Indianapolis for the try-outs for The Ultimate Fighter, however, luck wasn’t on his side.

Pendred said, “I was told if I beat Che Mills things were going to open up in the UFC, but their 170-pound roster is so full right now.

I was just sitting around, and there are no big fights for me right now. I’ve beaten all the top guys in Europe, and I was hoping I could get Paul Daley, but he’s signed up with another organization right now and that’s not possible. There are no big fights for me, and I want to keep moving forward in my career. Sitting around isn’t the way to get that done. I’m a fighter, and if I have to go into a house to fight for a UFC contract that’s what I’ll do.”

It seems that UFC fans should definitely keep an eye on Pendred as he might soon be taking the competition by storm.

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