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World Cup Stadium May Become Detention Centre

World Cup Stadium May Become Detention Centre

It has been reported that the £146 million football stadium being built in Brazil for next year’s football World Cup maybe used as a detention centre to relive overcrowded prisons after the tournament is over.

World Cup Stadium May Become Detention Centre

A football stadium being built in Brazil may become a detention centre after next year’s World Cup.

The stadium, the Arena da Amazonia, is being built in Manaus roughly 1,500 miles from Rio di Janeiro and will have a capacity of 44,000. It will host four group stage matches during the competition but there are fears that it will be left empty afterwards.

As a result prison authorities raised the possibility of using it to hold suspects temporarily before they are transferred elsewhere. The president of the Amazonas custodial system’s monitoring and control group, Sabino Marques, said, “After the World Cup, I believe there will be entirely idle spaces.

Every day we have arrests in Amazonas and where are we going to put them? The prison in Manaus has capacity for 200 to 300 people but there are at least 1,000 detainees there.”

As a result he suggested using the stadium for detentions of up to 72 hours in order to relieve pressure on Raimundo Vidal Pessoa prison where there were riots earlier this year.

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