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NASCAR Aims to Restore Credibility After Scandalous Week

NASCAR Aims to Restore Credibility After Scandalous Week

NASCAR has been desperately trying to restore its credibility over the weekend with a stern warning about “artificially altering” events. Brian France, NASCAR’s chairman, said that he expects teams to 100% at all times when he met with them between practices at Chicagoland Speedway before the opening race of the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship.

NASCAR Aims to Restore Credibility After Scandalous Week

After an unprecedented week for NASCAR, Chairman Brian France has been trying to restore credibility to the sport.

The warning game after Clint Bowyer spun his car with seven laps remaining in the race that completed the 12-driver field for the Chase. 

It became clear that Bowyer spun in an attempt to stop leader Ryan Newman from winning and to give his teammate, Martin Truex Jr., a final chance to earn a Chase berth.

The resulting investigation uncovered at least three instances of race manipulations and led to sanctions against Michael Waltrip Racing and the removal of Martin Truex Jr. from the Chase in favour of Ryan Newman.

Furthermore there were allegations of a scheme to sell track position which resulted in another investigation involving Penske Racing and Front Row Motorsports.

Driver Jeff Gordon said, “The integrity of the sport has been put at question. I think we have one of the greatest sports that exists. To see our integrity questioned is very upsetting to me, and I think we, along with NASCAR, have to solve this.”

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