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Champions League Betting Trends

Champions League Betting Trends

Football fans and particularly those who enjoy betting on the Champions League will be interested in some trends which have emerged over the years.

Champions League Betting Trends

Over the years some trends have appeared which may help pick the Champions League winner.

In the past 20 years 70% of Champions Leagues winners have been involved in the competition at the Group stages the year before. In fact this has proved to be true for the past eight years.

This year, and after last year’s near perfect season, defending champions Bayern Munich are pre-tournament favourites.

However, in the last 24-years no team has managed to retain the title, the last team to do so was AC Milan in the 1989-1990 Champions League.

Furthermore, for the last 23 years the Champions League winners have not come from the same nation in consecutive years. Excluding AC Milan’s back-to-back victories, no Champions League winner has come from the same nation consecutively since 1992.

A team’s performance in its domestic league is also an important factor. In the last two decades 80% of Champions League winners have finished in the top two positions of their home leagues the previous season and 60% have won their leagues.

These are just a few of the trends; however, they should help people pick a team to place money on.

OCA News Editor