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Paddy Power and Dennis Rodman Aid North Korean Diplomacy

Paddy Power and Dennis Rodman Aid North Korean Diplomacy

Basketball player Dennis Rodman has recently been in the news thanks to his travels to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong-Un. As a result betting operator Paddy Power has also featured the gambling firm is Rodman’s sponsor.

Paddy Power and Dennis Rodman Aid North Korean Diplomacy

Dennis Rodman’s surprise trips to North Korea have resulted in the Paddy Power Dennis Rodman Basketball Invitational tournament.

Rodman has now been to North Korea twice, both times being warmly greeted by Kim Jong-Un thanks to the leader’s love of basketball.

The American government was initially shocked when Rodman first met Kim during a visit last February to promote basketball and film a documentary.

According to Rodman the Korean leader has been softening thanks to “basketball diplomacy”. Furthermore Rodman believes that ultimately basketball could lead to better relations between the US and North Korea.

It is a brave move on Paddy Power’s part to send Rodman to North Korea, but it also looks as if they are to make a financial gain since the company announced it will be sponsoring the “Paddy Power Dennis Rodman Invitational.” The goodwill tournament will put a North Korean team, trained by Rodman, against a team of US players with games scheduled to take place in North Korea and Europe.

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