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Murray Cautions about US Open Optimism

Murray Cautions about US Open Optimism

The defending US Open champion Andy Murray is insisting that he cannot afford to look too far ahead in the tournament as it becomes more and more likely that he will face Novak Djokovic in the final four.

Murray Cautions about US Open Optimism

Andy Murray is refusing to look ahead to a potential clash with Novak Djokovic in the US Open.

The two fought each other in a five-hour final 12 months ago however, given his sub-par performance in the second round against Leonardo Mayer, Murray is taking nothing for granted.

At present Murray is just concentrating on his match against Florian Mayer. When asked about a potential match against Djokovic Murray said, “It’s not something for me to think about just now. Everybody saw what happened to me at Wimbledon. I went from having the toughest draw to if I didn’t win the title it’d be my only chance. Novak and I could both lose in the next round – that’s possible. But I’m not even thinking about losing in the next round or playing against him just yet.”

The last time Murray played Mayer in March in Madrid he was suffering from back problems which ultimately caused him to miss the French open. Murray said that Mayer is “Very tough… I’ll need to play well to beat him.”

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