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No Fantasy Sport Betting in Atlantic City

No Fantasy Sport Betting in Atlantic City

At present there is no fantasy sport betting at Atlantic City casinos, technically it is not gambling as it is considered a game of skill, not chance.

No Fantasy Sport Betting in Atlantic City

Despite regulatory approval, no casino in Atlantic City has introduced fantasy sport betting.

When gambling regulations were approved by New Jersey’s regulators in March, fantasy sport betting was put forward as a way to attract new gamblers to the city. However, despite the approval nothing has yet materialised. There are no casinos offering fantasy sport betting tournaments.

Joe Lupo, the senior vice president of operations at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, explained, “One of the reasons some of the casinos may not be doing it is, it’s already available to the consumer on a very broad media platform. We would be competing on a national level, which we just can’t do with the ESPNs of the world”

Lupo went on to say that the Borgata, Atlantic City’s most successful casino, has no plans to introduce fantasy sports betting. Instead the Borgata is running a sports-themed promotion which gives its customers the chance to win $1 million in prizes if they pick the most winners in the NFL games.

“We have a very successful promotion with football. That’s where we maintain our focus,” Lupo said.

OCA News Editor