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Srdjan Djokovic Attacks Roger Federer Once Again

Srdjan Djokovic Attacks Roger Federer Once Again

In recent days Srdjan Djokovic has been in the news for making attacks on Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal while speaking to a Serbian newspaper, Kurir, and amazingly enough once again Djokovic’s father has attacked Swiss tennis star Federer.

Srdjan Djokovic Attacks Roger Federer Once Again

With his son favourite to win the Rogers Cup, Srdjan Djokovic has launched another personal attack on Roger Federer.

Once again while speaking to Kurir, the World No. 1’s father said, “First of Novak and his generation of tennis were very boring. There was talk only of Federer, it was all focused on him. Novak instead with the sport has changed; everything has become much more fun. “

This is the second time he has attacked Federer the first time he said that while Federer may be the best player in the history of the sport, “as a man he is completely opposite.” He went on to say that his son maybe the only player to display the same behaviour both on and off court.

In the meantime Novak has repeated that he is not responsible for his father’s words.

Federer has pulled out of the upcoming Rogers Cup, unsurprisingly Novak Djokovic is favourite to win with odds of 6/4 while Andy Murray trails him in second place with odds of 10/3.

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