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NBA Championship Betting Odds

NBA Championship Betting Odds

The Miami Heat are the odds-on favourites to win the NBA 2013 Playoffs, however, the New York Knicks have a small chance of stopping them reaching the NBA Finals.

NBA Championship Betting Odds

With the Finals just around the corner here is a quick look at the top teams looking to win the championship

In the western conference both Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs have a good chance of reaching the Finals and it’s sure to be a close competition.

Miami Heat have odds of 8/11 of winning the championship, they won last year and are looking even better this year. With players such as Ray Allen and Chris Andersen, it would be extremely surprising were the Heat not to win the Finals this year.

The closest to Miami Heat is Oklahoma City Thunder with odds of 23/5.

They were looking extremely good last year but this year traded James Harden to Houston and as a result look far worse against the heat than they did when they lost the Finals 4-1 last year.

Next up is the San Antonio Spurs with odds of 21/2. While they are an extremely competent team, they are lacking the edge to really strike fear into teams facing them in the playoffs. It will be a close call between the Spurs and Oklahoma City when it comes to winning a place in the Finals.

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