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March Madness Streaming Figures Through The Roof

March Madness Streaming Figures Through The Roof

Live streaming figures for March Madness, NCAA’s Tournament topped all expectation this year. The tournament reached 45 million video streams this year which marks a 158% increase on last year’s figures.

March Madness Streaming Figures Through The Roof

NCAA’s March Madness live streaming attracted an unprecedented number of online viewers.

Up to this point around 3.2 million visitors watched the sporting action this season which is already 93% more than the entire tournament in 2012.

While streams from mobile devices represented a 43% share of the overall audience at the beginning of March Madness by the end it was up to 63%.

The numbers are staggering in themselves yet there is an additional twist that makes this year’s March Madness live service even more remarkable.

While in 2012 anyone could join the stream for a modest price of $3.99, this year’s video was available for cable subscribers only. This should have resulted in a dip of audience figures as not everyone has access to a cable subscription yet viewing figures show a different, record breaking picture.

Online platforms offering streaming services are bound to flourish as both sporting events and other major shows, such as award ceremonies, continue to attract online viewers from all across the US.

OCA News Editor