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NCAA Tournament Match Previews

NCAA Tournament Match Previews

The NCAA Tournament is underway and this Friday sees a few teams play that should cruise to victory. However, after Harvard upset New Mexico and Gonzaga was nearly shocked by Southern, nothing seems certain.

NCAA Tournament Match Previews

Here is a quick look at some of Friday’s most interesting games in the NCAA tournament.

Kansas enters the tournament having won 10 of its last 11 games and with odds of 12/1 of an overall win.

They begin their campaign against the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers who are 0-4 in games against tournament teams during the regular season. There is a huge discrepancy between the two sides and Kansas should be well in control of the game. Ohio State begins against an Iona squad that ranks second in the country in scoring at over 80 points per game. 

Furthermore the Iona team are on a five-game winning streak. However, luckily for Ohio their opponents are weak on defence and haven’t yet faced a team anywhere near as good as Ohio State. So overall it seems Ohio should have the advantage in this one.

Finally the Florida Gators are taking on the Deamons. The Gators are an excellent team will excellent offensive and defensive players. However, the Demons enjoy pushing the pace and scoring quickly, they lead the nation at 81 PPG, however, their defence is not as good as the Gators nor do they have the same level of experience.

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