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Can LeBron James Rival Michael Jordan?

Can LeBron James Rival Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is generally considered the greatest basketball player ever; however, many think that if LeBron James can maintain his form then he may soon rival him.

Can LeBron James Rival Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is considered the greatest ever basketball player, however, LeBron James is doing his best to take that title for himself

The statistics show that Lebron James is one of the best talents that the league has ever seen.

While it is debatable what matters more, scoring titles or PER, wins per 48 minutes, eFG percentage or lockdown defence capability, LeBron has proved himself in all these areas. 

He had a fantastic streak of games scoring 30 points with 60% shooting which only ended when he scored 29 points, added 12 rebounds, seven assists and shot 58% to beat Durant’s Thunder.

If LeBron can maintain this form he will be a serious contender to take Jordan’s place as the greatest basketball player of all time. In order to prove this to many LeBron will have to win a number of championship rings, at present he only has one.

LeBron will of course be aware of this and it is likely to see him doing his upmost to take the title away from Jordan and go down in history.

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