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Match-Fixing Scandal Continues to Unfold

Match-Fixing Scandal Continues to Unfold

A former assistant coach of South Africa’s football team has been sentenced to three years in prison for attempted match-fixing.

Match-Fixing Scandal Continues to Unfold

A South African coach has been imprisoned and an Australian player has said he was told to lose a match.

Phil Setshedi was caught trying to bribe a man he believed to be a referee with $220 to influence the outcome of a league promotion playoff in 2011. In actual fact, the man posing as referee was an undercover police officer. Setshedi has received three years in prison and another five suspended.

There is at least one game involving South Africa’s national team in the build-up to the 2010 World Cup which is under suspicion for match-fixing.

In related news an Australian football player has admitted that he was told to lose a match by the club president when playing in Europe.

The player has spoken on condition of anonymity saying that his life would be in danger if he was exposed.

According to the player the side was about to play the last match of a season and was doomed to relegation, just before kick-off the president came into the changing rooms and told the team that they “must lose”.

The player said that the team was stunned and described it as his “darkest days in the sport. I left the club after that, I didn’t want to stay there and yes we lost that game.”

OCA News Editor