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The Best NBA Slam-Dunk Contest Dunks


With the NBA Slam-Dunk contest happening this weekend, now is a good time to look back at some of the best Slam-Dunks of all time.

Many believe that Jason Richardson’s 2003 “The Everything” slam-dunk is the best to have ever been seen. Richardson does a lob off the court, grabs the ball in mid-air, places it between his legs then does a one-handed reverse dunk.


However, it is impossible not to consider Michael Jordan’s “The Free Throw” from 1988. Jordan won the dunk contest in the final round with this dunk, he needed a 48 to tie and managed to pull off a 50. He took off from the free throw line and managed to get the shot absolutely perfect.


Another memorable dunk was Cedric Ceballos’ in 1992. Ceballos managed a blindfolded dunk in what some believe to be the greatest moment of his NBA career.


One often overlooked dunk is Andre Igoudala’s from the 2006 contest. Allen Iverson managed a perfect pass off the back of the backboard and Iguodala finished the shot gracefully. It was an extremely difficult dunk which was pulled off to perfection.


These are just a few of many fantastic dunks and this year’s competition is sure to produce some more.

OCA News Editor