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Australian Police Worry About Domestic Match-Fixing

Australian Police Worry About Domestic Match-Fixing

Australian Police are on alert for match-fixing after they found large betting pools on domestic sporting events.

Australian Police Worry About Domestic Match-Fixing

Due to extremely large betting pools on some sporting events, Australian Police are on the lookout for local match-fixing.

Victorian Police Deputy Commissioner Graham Ashton says that while there is no evidence of match-fixing in Victoria, he believes that some sports are at risk due to the large betting pools that they attract.

The statement came in response to the Australian Crime Commission’s announcement that there is widespread use of illegal drugs in Australian sport.

Deputy Commissioner Ashton said, “We’re seeing vast increases in the betting pools in Asia on A-League soccer.” He said that one bookmaker had taken more than $40 million on one A-League match.

Ashton went on to say that “when this betting is occurring to that level, it becomes attractive for crime figures to want to get involved and fix matches to get certain outcomes to make large sums of money.”

According to Crime Commission chief executive John Lawler there is one case of possible match-fixing being investigated in Australia. However, Football Federation Australia chief executive David Gallop said that he is not aware of any match-fixing in Australian football and that the matter is treated very seriously.

OCA News Editor