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Sports Corruption Allowed to Flourish in Asia

Sports Corruption Allowed to Flourish in Asia

Chris Eaton, the ex-FIFA Head of Security and current Director of Qatar’s International Centre for Sport Security, has said that gambling houses in Southeast Asia provide the foundation for organised gangs to generate profits from match-fixing.

Sports Corruption Allowed to Flourish in Asia

Chris Eaton believes that a lack of regulation in Asia makes it easy for sports corruption to flourish.

According to European police, a Singapore based syndicate has organised match fixing for at least 380 football games and made at least £7 million from doing so. However, according to Eaton to get an idea of the profits made in Asia “you can probably multiply that by a hundred”.

Eaton believes that the lack of strict regulation in the Asian betting market made it an easy target for fraud, “If you don’t focus on betting fraud, then you won’t be able to properly address sport corruption. Sport corruption is borne of betting fraud – it’s a cycle.”

He thinks that governments are targeting corruption in sports rather than targeting betting, “there’s no will to regulate gambling houses in Southeast Asia. There’s a lack of commitment.”

Eaton has called for transparency in gambling houses in Asia, he believes that “being able to see who did what, when and how” would “have a major effect on addressing the issues of sport corruption.”

OCA News Editor