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Record Amount Bet on the Super Bowl

Record Amount Bet on the Super Bowl

A record amount of money was bet on the Super Bowl in Nevada. A press release from the Nevada Gaming Control Board said that the state’s sportsbooks wrote $98,936,798 worth of tickets for the game.

Record Amount Bet on the Super Bowl

A new record was set for how much money fans bet on the Super Bowl within the state of Nevada.

In total they won a combined $7,206,460 with a hold of 7.3%.

There are also reports that sportsbooks in Reno did much better than the Las Vegas bookies. This is likely to be due to the number San Francisco 49ers fans travelling to Reno to place their bets.

The previous record in Nevada, $94,534,372, was set seven years ago. The record was set when the Pittsburgh Steelers played, and beat, the Seattle Seahawks. Bookies won a total of $8,828,431 from that game.

The best year for bookies was in 2005 when the Philadelphia Eagles covered the spread against the New England Patriots and the bookies won a combined $15,430,138 with a hold of 17%.

There has only been one year in which the bookies lost money in the last decade when 2008 the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots in 2008.

There was a lot more money generated from the sports bettors, many of them will have stayed in Nevada hotels over the weekend and spent money on food and entertainment.

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