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Super Bowl Prop Bets Review

Super Bowl Prop Bets Review

There were a number of excellent prop bets available for this year’s Super Bowl and some of them were decided very early on in the game

Super Bowl Prop Bets Review

With the Super Bowl over it’s a time to look at the outcome of some of the prop bets that were available.

Odds of 6/5 were available on the National Anthem taking over 2 minutes 10 seconds and odds of 5/8 on it taking less. 

In the last decade only one singer (Jennifer Hudson) took 2 minutes and ten seconds, however, Alicia Keys managed to extend some of the notes far longer than expected and will have made some gamblers’ night with her two and a half minute performance.

The odds of the Baltimore Ravens scoring first were 21/20 while the odds on the 49ers were 20/27.

The safe bet here was the Ravens as the 49ers hadn’t scored in any of their playoff games. It turned out to be the correct choice thanks to Joe Flacco exploiting a great field position.

There were a range of odds available on the first player to catch. The 49ers came close to winning when Colin Kaepernick passed to Vernon Davis, however, the play was called back and didn’t county. In the end Flacco completed a pass to Vonta Leach to win the prop.

OCA News Editor