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Blackout at the Super Bowl

Blackout at the Super Bowl

There are many aspects of last night’s Super Bowl which make it a game that will always be remembered.

Blackout at the Super Bowl

Did the blackout at the Super Bowl give either team an advantage?

It was Ray Lewis’ last professional game, the competing teams were coached by brothers and of course, there was a 34-minute power outage in the third quarter.

There was 13:22 left in the third quarter and the Ravens were 28-6 ahead when half the lighting in the Superdome’s upper section went dark leaving the field only partially lit.

There was no power in the press box, stadium concourses and the broadcast area. According to CBS Sports only 11 of its 62 cameras were functional during the outage and the audio feed from the main broadcast box was also lost.

The players were moved to the side-lines and slowly but surely the lights were restored. After 34 minutes play resumed and the 49ers offense, with quarterback Colin Kaepernick, worked hard to close the gap to just 28-23.

Unsurprisingly it was the Ravens’ players who thought the blackout had a detrimental effect on the game. Ray Rice said that he “was a little stiff” while Vonta Leach said that “it got us off-track.”

On the other hand the 49ers NaVorro Bowman said that he doesn’t “think the lights had anything to do with the outcome.”

OCA News Editor