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Sibling Rivalry at the Super Bowl

Sibling Rivalry at the Super Bowl

If it wasn’t for the fact that one team has to lose, this year’s Super Bowl would be the perfect family gathering for the Harbaughs. For the first time in Super Bowl history the rival teams are being coached by brothers.

Sibling Rivalry at the Super Bowl

With brothers coaching the two Super Bowl teams, with this year’s game come a new level of rivalry.

John Harbaugh coaches the Baltimore Ravens while his younger brother Jim coaches the San Francisco 49ers.

The brothers are only one year apart in age, John has been coaching the Ravens since 2008 and has reached the play-offs five times, Jim is in his second season with the 49ers.

However, as John says, this game is “not going to be about the coaches. It’s about the guys playing the game and making the plays, like it always is.”

The game has further significance as it is middle linebacker Ray Lewis’ final professional game.

As Jim Harbaugh says “Ray Lewis is one of the greatest players to ever play the game. He’s a fine person, he’s a great football player, and a man I truly respect.”

As for the two coaches mother, Jackie Harbaugh, she “would like it to end in a tie. Can the NFL do that?”

Whichever team you support, this kind of Super Bowl rivalry is truly one of a kind.

OCA News Editor