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Super Bowl Players to Earn Big

Super Bowl Players to Earn Big

The Super Bowl is fast approaching and the San Francisco 49ers are still bookies’ favourites to win with odds of 5/8 while the Baltimore Ravens are at 13/8.

Super Bowl Players to Earn Big

After the Super Bowl participating players should expect a pay rise next season

The Super Bowl is always a good opportunity for mangers to evaluate teams’ free agents and very often players who participate in the Super Bowl get big deals.

This year there are a few Ravens players which managers are sure to be watching.

Paul Kruger is a pass rusher and as such he is likely to be paid very well. If he puts in a good performance at the Super Bowl then he can definitely expect to be earning a lot of money next season, the only question will be which team he will be playing for.

Dannell Elerbe is another player who is going to be earning big money. While he is likely to stay at the Ravens he should be confident that the Super Bowl will increase his value.

Finally Cary Williams, who has been hated by Ravens fans all season, is really an excellent player and last year the Ravens offered him 3 years at 15 million, however, after the game he could be worth as much as 22 million.

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