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Record Betting Expected on Super Bowl

Record Betting Expected on Super Bowl

It appears that sports fans will be betting a record amount on this year’s Super Bowl.

Record Betting Expected on Super Bowl

Sports fans appear to be betting record amounts on the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl.

While it is still too early to tell what the total amount will be, experts say that the total bet in Las Vegas alone could approach the record of $94.9 million set in 2006.

Vice President of Las Vegas’ Superbook, Jay Kornegay, says that it’s “an intriguing match-up because the coaches are brothers.

The Ravens, the hottest team, may not have a large fan base, but they certainly add an intriguing element. There’s the fact Ray Lewis is retiring. It’s one fo the better teams versus the hottest team.”

According to Kornegay around 80% of bets are placed in the final few days before the game, however, he is expects a total of $92-$93 million to be wagered. However, the US total will be far bigger, but the figure will never be known as most of the betting is illegal.

At present the 49ers are 4-point favourite to win, but this could change as the game grows closer.

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