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Las Vegas Bookies Set Super Bowl Odds

Las Vegas Bookies Set Super Bowl Odds

The Las Vegas sports books have picked the San Francisco 49ers as favourite to defeat the Baltimore Ravens and win the Super Bowl due to the team’s solid record.

Las Vegas Bookies Set Super Bowl Odds

The San Francisco 49ers is favourites to win the Super Bowl on February 3rd.

At some bookies the 49ers have been given a 4.5 point handicap and put the score at 49 points.

Fans can also bet on whether the total points scored during the game will fall short or exceed the bookies’ predictions.

The Race and Sports Book Director at the LVH casino, Jay Kornegay, said that “The 49ers have been a sexy team all year. The Ravens don’t get a lot of respect from the public, but that bandwagon is getting a lot more supporters as we speak.”

The Super Bowl is always the most popular betting event of the year in Vegas. Last year the New England Patriots were three point favourites to win however, they lost to the New York Giants.

A total of $93.9 million was bet at Nevada casinos on the match and sports books made $5 million from the action.

According to Kornegay said that “The Super Bowl is the one game all year where the public’s money dominates the action. That’s why we have to gear this line toward the public perception.”

OCA News Editor