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Zombies to Attack Super Bowl Commercials

Zombies to Attack Super Bowl Commercials

In some parts of America the Super Bowl broadcast will be invaded by characters from the hit show “The Walking Dead”.

Zombies to Attack Super Bowl Commercials

Characters from “The Walking Dead” are set to invade Super Bowl adverts across America

It has been announced that at least one actor from the show will appear in a short commercial during advert time allocated to local stations.

Jeffrey Hirsch, exec VP and CMO-residential services at Time Warner Cable, the creators of the show, said that “We’re not a national footprint, so we’ve gone out and bought CBS spots in all our markets”.

The company used the same strategy last year when the Super Bowl was broadcast by NBC.

The adverts will be run in 44 local markets and will be trying to attract more customers to subscribe to Time Warner Cable which makes shows available online, via cable, video on demand and mobile devices.

Hirsch has not revealed which “Walking Dead” characters will appear in the ads, nor would he say if zombies will rise. However, there actor Norman Reedus who plays “Darryl” in the show tweeted that he is taking part in a “Super Bowl Commercial”.

OCA News Editor