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Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons Preview

Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons Preview

On Sunday the Seattle Seahawks face the Atlanta Falcons in the only matchup of the playoffs which isn’t a rematch from the regular season.

Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta Falcons Preview

While the Falcons have the better odds, will the Seahawks experience see them though?

The bookies are tipping the Falcons to win with odds of 13/17 while the best odds available on the Seahawks are 5/4.

The Seahawks will be trying to win another cross-country road game after their victory over the Washington Redskins.

As a team they’ve been hugely impressive in the second half of the season and won seven of eight games since Week 8.

The defence has been looking good and should be able to challenge the Falcons impressive offense. The Falcons are hoping to score their first playoff win under Mike Smith and Matt Ryan.

While they may be the NFC’s top seed it doesn’t mean anything unless they are able to win the game. The Falcons Tony Gonzalez will be particularly keen for a win, unless the team win soon then the 36 year old may never get to play in a championship.

The Falcons will be under immense physiological pressure and this might just give the Seahawks the edge they need.

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