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Arsenal vs Manchester City Preview

Arsenal vs Manchester City Preview

This Sunday Manchester City take on Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium and it looks set to be a close match.

Arsenal vs Manchester City Preview

Manchester City hasn’t won away against Arsenal since 1975; can they do it this time?

There is not much to choose between the odds, Arsenal are at 17/10 to win while City are 9/5, a draw is set at 53/21.

In an interesting twist City has returned almost a third of its allocation of the 3,000 tickets for the match with fans refusing to spend £62 per seat.

Arsenal classed the game as Category A which led to the expensive tickets price, but City have not yet sold the 912 tickets and returned them to Arsenal.

City fans are angry and the Manchester City Supporters Club general secretary Kevin Parker says that the price is “out of touch with reality.”

Parker says that it is the most expensive amount he can remember paying for a ticket for a Sunday afternoon game which is live on satellite television.

He pointed out that if “supporters are travelling on a supporters’ club coach, it will cost £30 per person. That’s £92 before they have even done anything; add in a programme, food, drink and you are looking at £125-£130 per person.”

As for the match, City hasn’t beaten Arsenal at home since 1975 so they’ll be keen to try and end the losing streak.


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