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Las Vegas Bookies Loose on NFL Bets

Las Vegas Bookies Loose on NFL Bets

It’s generally accepted by gamblers that the house has a slight advantage, however, in the last NFL season sports books in Las Vegas suffered due to good teams outperforming expectations.

Las Vegas Bookies Loose on NFL Bets

The last NFL season resulted in some major loses for Las Vegas based bookies

According to reports, the high scoring play of teams such as the New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons and Green Bay Packers led to many people placing “over” bets, betting that the team will score more points than the bookies predict, and winning their bets.

When these bets were combined it could result in a $1,000 payoff from a $20 bet.

According to insiders this led to the worst year in memory for Vegas. The worst was Week 9 when Vegas underdogs went 2-10 against the spread and seven games topped the over.

MGM reportedly had to use emergency cash reserves to cover a seven figure loss.

The best team to bet on was the Packers; they consistently drew bets regardless of the odds and regularly led to some big payoffs thanks to the performance of Aaron Rodgers.

Gamblers will now be looking forward to placing their Super Bowl bets and hoping for similar success.

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