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La Liga recap week 3

Teams competing in Spanish La Liga rise and fall after the latest weekend of matches. The third week has come to a close and standings have changed with favorites Real Madrid and Barcelona falling short of the top spot.

Teams competing in Spanish La Liga rise and fall after the latest weekend of matches

Mallorca vs. Real Sociedad
Mallorca took to the top of the league after a 1-0 victory over Real Sociedad on Saturday night. Victor Casadesus scored the only goal with a header in the 75th minute.

Sociedad paid for their heavy defensive play with an 11th straight loss on away fields.

Real Madrid vs. Granada
Santiago Bernabeu saw the two teams face off on Sunday. Ronaldo fired two shots into the net at 26 and 53 minutes to earn his 150 goals with Real Madrid in as many games.

Unfortunately his double point play was quickly followed by a leg injury, causing Ronaldo leave the field. Higuain finished up with a third for Real in the 76th minute. This was Real Madrid’s first win of the season.

Barcelona vs. Valencia
In what proved to be a difficult match for Valencia, Barcelona narrowly managed to fire a goal into the Valencia net to earn a 1-0 victory for the undefeated squad.

Coming off a corner near the 23 minute mark, midfielder Adriano struck true past the Valencia keeper, Diego Alves.

The match continued with Barca fending off the fervent Valencia squad. However, the counter-attack never finished in a point and Valencia left the field with few heads held high.

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