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Usain Bolt Aims to Help Manchester United

After winning his third gold medal and smashing the 4x100m relay, Usain Bolt has told Alex Ferguson to that he can help Manchester United stop Manchester City winning the league.

Usain Bolt has said he hopes for a trial for Manchester United, but failing that he would like to help the team perfect their sprinting technique.

Bolt has previously admitted that he would love it if Manchester United offered him a trial to play in the Premier League. However, if that doesn’t happen Bolt says that he would love the chance to help train players such as Nani, Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia so that they are at the peak of fitness and able to stop City winning the League again.

Bolt said that he wants to do anything that he can “to make sure the title does not end up with Manchester City again.” Previously Bolt has helped Ronaldo with his training and he said the problem is you see players “like Nani and Ashley Young, who are so fast and skilful, but they get pushed off the ball like Ronaldo used to.”

Bolt says that since he helped train Ronaldo in 2009 he has gone on to score 40 goals a season and according to Bolt he would not have scored them all without his training.

Bolt believes that “United have so many players with pace that if they all perfect their sprinting technique it will be impossible to play against them.”  He said that “any time Alex Ferguson asks me I am happy to come and do what I did with Ronaldo, they are my team.”

It is known that Bolt is now looking for a new challenge after retaining both his 100m and 200m titles. At present there is some speculation over whether he will start training for the 400m; however, he has said that he does not like the training regime. Another possibility could be a switch to the long jump in order to emulate his hero Jesse Owens’ achievements.

OCA News Editor