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New Jersey May Soon Lift the Starting Gate for Sports Betting

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is making moves that will allow residents and visitors alike to gamble legally on sporting events. If the idea comes to fruition New Jersey will join Nevada and three other states that possess the right to gamble legally on sporting events.

New Jersey Governor Chis Christie is making moves that will allow residents and visitors alike to gamble legally on sporting events.

Before the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act gained a foothold in the U.S., New Jersey had the opportunity for legalized sports betting. However, the state turned the opportunity down. Now, 10 years later it looks as though it may actually happen.

Christie believes this law holds no water, and in a place that has casinos and racetracks galore, it should be no problem for residents and visitors alike to enjoy the thrill of sports betting as well.

A slew of professional sports governing bodies have something quite the contrary to say about that. The NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL have all teamed up to sue Christie, arguing that sports betting challenges the integrity of professional athletics in the U.S. and even threatens their existence.

When you really think about all the scandal that currently surrounds athletic events, doping, dog fighting rings, and more it doesn’t seem so sports gambling can damage the character and integrity of U.S. athletics any more than they have themselves already.

Christie professes that he believes the government has no right to designate only some states as suitable places to bet on sports. He says the PASPA law is unjust and, “it doesn’t acknowledge that there is illegal sports gambling going on in every state in America, as we speak. So why is this more injurious than illegal sports gambling to the operations of the league or the NCAA?”.

In reality it is more likely that legalized sports betting will increase the popularity of sporting events across the country, just like it has for nations around the world.

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