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Bolt in Form for Olympics

According to Usain Bolt’s coach and team captain the start is “ready to go” and at full fitness.

His coach said that he is on course to repeat his success at the 2008 Olympics while Bolt has said that he wants to break his 100m world record by running 9.4sec. The captain of the Jamaican men’s team, Michael Frater, has backed Bolt to beat Blake saying that Bolt “is something phenomenal and I would not bet against him winning the 100m.”

According to Bolt’s coach and teammates he is healthy, in good form and ready for the Olympics.

The Jamaican team has been training at the University of Birmingham campus however, neither Bolt nor Blake showed up to the public training session last Tuesday morning. One of the team managers, Don Quarrie, said that Bolt’s “performances this time are close to what he was doing before the 2008 Olympics. He will be ready to run in London.”

Bolt has said that “this will be the year, when I set myself apart from other athletes in the world. A lot of legends, a lot of people have come before me, but this is my time.” Bolt thinks that he has been getting better with each training session and said that he is now 100% focused just “training, eating and sleeping.”
Recently it was reported that Bolt bought a set of Omega Timing’s new Olympic starting blocks as part of his attempts to improve his start. Bolt has had problems with his start since being disqualified from the 100m semi-final at least year’s world titles for a false start. He also appeared to be slow starting during the Jamaican Olympic trials.

Whatever happens, Bolt’s races are sure to be absolutely thrilling as he attempts to win the 100m and 200m sprints and prove to the world once again that he is the fastest man on Earth.

OCA News Editor