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Massive Range of Olympic Betting Markets Available

Betting fans will find a huge range of markets available for the London Olympics, from the chances of a UFO sighting during the opening ceremony (1000-to-1) to more traditional bets on track and field events.

With the Olympics just days away check out the range of markets on offer from London bookies.

There are bookies offering odds on every event in the Games and they are expecting to handle up to £100 million worth of bets during the two Olympic weeks. A William Hill spokesman, Joe Crilly, said that they “try to cater to most people’s tastes” and added that they’re encouraging customers to contact them with any bet they can think of.

Ladbrokes spokeswoman, Jessica Bridge, said that they’re offering 11,000 different markets during the Olympics. As well as markets on all events they’re also offering bets on whether the Olympics will be over budget, whether a British athlete will be photographed eating a McDonald’s Big Mac and whether there are enough condoms in the Olympic Park.

William Hill’s more creative bets include 250-1 that every team in the 4×400 meter relay final drops that baton and 33-1 that London Mayor Boris Johnson accidentally sets his hair on fire with the Olympic torch.

There is also a huge effort going on to ensure that there is no corruption due to gambling. All athletes have been banned from betting on the Games and there will be daily meetings between sports, police and gambling industry officials to ensure that no illegal bets are placed.

It is expected that the most bets will be placed on the men’s 100m final. At present Usain Bolt is still the favourite to win despite his troubles in the run up to the games. One Ladbrokes customer has placed a 10,000 bet on Bolt to win and it is expected that there will be more large bets in the run up to the race.

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