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Great Britain’s Basketball Team lose to US in Pre-Olympic Warm-up

In a pre-Olympic match, Great Britain’s men’s basketball team lost 118-78 to Team USA.

At first GB managed to keep some control of the game, however, after a 10-point unanswered stretch from the visitors at the end of the first quarter Team USA were easily in control leading 55 – 37 at half time.

Team GB were convincingly defeated by the US in what has been described as their toughest ever match.

Deron Williams and Carmelo Anthony both scored 19 points with GB’s highest scorer Luol Deng managing 25. The game was always going to be tough for GB with many describing it as the biggest match in their history. They were never expected to win the game, but did at first manage to keep the US team within reach.

GB were the first to score thanks to Joel Freeland, but Team USA quickly fought back and opened up a 21 – 15 lead. For most of the match the Americans were just too fast for the British team to keep up with. The US was fast and Kobe Bryant saw great success in the paint as GB struggled against the US’s attack.

The beginning of the second half saw GB come out with new energy, but this was quickly put down by Lebron James who scored 16 points and helped extend his team’s lead to 75 – 46. Team USA never looked back after that scoring basket after basket.

Deng, who normally plays for NBA side Chicago Bulls, said that “they’re the best team we’ve seen… For 40 minutes they’re very hard to keep in check. Physically you’ve got to be in top shape.”

US guard Williams said that for them it was a great game, “We’re using these warm ups to find some rhythm and find some chemistry… It was a good win for us tonight against a tough Great Britain team.”

OCA News Editor