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Speculation Grows over Bolt’s Olympic Fitness

As the Olympics approach, speculation is growing over the fitness of star runner Usain Bolt.

After he lost to Yohan Blake, all eyes are on Usain Bolt as he prepares for the Olympics

This year things seemed to be going well for Bolt, he’d ran good 100m races with times of 9.82, 9.79 and 9.76 seconds. However, at the Jamaican Olympic trials he lost to Yohan Blake in both the 100m and 200m. He seemed to be running without much fluency which he later put down to tightness in his hamstring.

His loss in the 100m was just the third time ever that he didn’t win the straight sprint; his second place in the 200m was the first in five seasons. However, according to reports, despite withdrawing from the grand prix in Monaco because of his hamstring, he is now fine and back to full health. Last week Bolt arrived at Jamaica’s training camp at the University of Birmingham and after two nights there his coach, Glen Mills, expressed concern about his bed.

Mills asked for the bed to be replaced by a custom-built 7 foot mattress which Bolt received in the middle of the week. According to Zena Wooldridge, the director of sport at the University of Birmingham, Mills wanted to the bed made as a “precaution so Usain was as comfortable as possible.”

Bolt is 6ft 5in and is known to have a chronic back problem. After withdrawing from the meet in Monaco he flew to Germany to see Dr Hans Müller-Wohlfahrt and as mentioned he has since announced that his hamstring is now fine. Bolt is not the only athlete to receive a special bed, a further six beds were ordered for other tall Jamaican athletes.

The university began preparations for the team five years ago and have done their upmost to make them feel as at home as possible, with the exception of the beds it has reportedly been a great success.

OCA News Editor