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Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake – Friends Even in Competition

All eyes will be on the Olympics 100m Men’s competition this summer with compatriots Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake likely to be competing against each other for the top spot.
The competition between the two was set when Blake managed to beat Bolt in both the 100m and 200m races at the Jamaican trials.

Despite being rivals on the track, Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake are close friends who train together on a daily basis.

However, Blake has insisted that his friendship with his training partner and rival will be unaffected regardless of what happens in the Olympics. Blake says that “win, lose or draw we are friends, even though it is business and he wants to win and I want to win”.

At present Blake is the world champion over 100m after he won in Daegu last year in 9.92 seconds. However, it must be remembered that he won after Bolt, who holds the world record, was disqualified for a false start in the final. Just six days after that final, Bolt won the 200m which made him the favourite for both sprint titles in London.

Blake has said that his decision to switch coaches and start training with Bolt has helped him see past Bolt’s aura of invincibility. Having the chance to beat him in training has made him believe he is capable of beating him in competition.
Bolt is also very friendly, has been continuously supportive of Blake and even named him as a future rival back in 2009. Blake says that Bolt frequently provides him with motivation and pushes him when he needs it. When asked about whether Blake can beat him in the Olympics, Bolt said that they “train every day, I know how hard he works, so I would love for Blake to win if I wasn’t in the 100m, but let’s not ask this question again please, let’s not jinx me on that one.”

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