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Manchester clubs are battling it out for Robin Van Persie – Who will take the lead this time?

Transfer Rumors:

  • Franz Beckenbauer demands of Bayern Munich’s management to sign Sami Khedira, claiming, “He is the player Bayern needs the most. He has grown up and became a leader, and the Euro’s proved it. Bayern’s fans demand players that put in their 100% like him.
  • Reports in Spain of a big Dilemma in Barcelona: Following Bilbao’s refusal to lower their price for Javi Martinez, Barcelona has to decide – Sign one player up for €40 Million, or 2 players for €20 Million each.

Ferguson has also announced United’s plans to sign 2 more players this summer, but it’s hard to believe those will be in the same caliber as Van Persie

  • S.C Ashdod’s player Nir Biton will sign with Manchester City at the end of the month according to an English Football site.
  • Manchester United and Manchester City are battling it out for Robin Van Persie. The British media reports the Premier League’s champion and it’s runner up are interested in the Arsenal striker, who has expressed his wishes to leave Arsene Wenger’s team. The City expects Carlos Tevez to be transferred to Milan soon for £30 Million, an amount that will allow them to sign a major player, but it’s reported Alex Ferguson is also set on getting the player in the United team. Ferguson has also announced United’s plans to sign 2 more players this summer, but it’s hard to believe those will be in the same caliber as Van Persie. As you may remember Manchester City’s Edin Dzeko may also transfer to Milan, who transferred Zlatan Ibrahimovic to P.S.G, thus freeing up more money for the City’s transfers.
  • Carlos Tevez’s agent admits: “Carlito’s transfer to Milan is complicated, but it is still one of Adriano Galliani’s big dreams, now might be the time to do it.”
  • Reports in Spain claim Barcelona are very happy with Javier Mascherano’s contribution to the team, and are close to signing him up on a new contract. The Argentinian transferred from Liverpool in the summer of 2010 for €22 Million, and is expected to add 2 more years to his contract.
  • Alvaro Arbeloa states about Luka Modric’s transfer to Real Madrid: “He is a great player, I’ll be happy if he transfers, it will create an interesting competition in the midfield position”
  • Manchester United is hoping to put their hands on Lucas Moura, Sao Paulo’s Brazilian Attacking Midfielder, but fear Real Madrid will beat them to the punch. The fact the player owns 20% of his player card might lower his price.
  • Giovanni Luigi, president of Brazilian “Internacional” reports Chelsea and Tottenham are after Oscar: “We received an email, but the offer was too low. We think he is worth at least €20 Million. It wasn’t really an offer; it was more of an enquiry”.


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