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Real Madrid and Barcelona Prepare for Next Season

Excitement is already building for the next season of La Liga. As with every pre-season period, most of the public’s attention is on the transfer market. One of the most important announcements recently was Seydou Keita’s decision to leave FC Barcelona.

With the new La Liga season approaching, all the top teams are busy with training and arranging player transfers.

The midfielder is leaving the club after four years playing for them. While he still had two more years left of his contract, there was a clause allowing him to opt out if he did not start in more than half of Barcelona’s games in 2011-2012. Keita has not announced what he will be doing next but many expect him to go to the Dalian Aerbin of the Chinese Super league.

There is also much speculation about the next year for Barcelona’s main rival, Real Madrid. Overall last season was very successful and it seems that Jose Mourinho has found the ideal set of tactics for the team.

It seems that the 4-2-3-1 formation is key to Real Madrid’s success. Being able to place a player like Mesut Ozil further along the pitch really aids their attacking dynamics and pace on the counterattack. While the club has used this system before, never has it been deployed with such great success.

It seems that the answer lies in the flexibility introduced to their positioning. The formation has freed up the attack leaving players such as Ozil with a much freer role. The move of Sergio Ramos to the centre of defence also seems beneficial, his technical skill combined with leadership capabilities make him much more suited to this role.

Until these new tactics stop working it seems wise for Mourinho to stick with them. A few personnel changes during the season should see the team maintain a competitive edge and produce some fantastic football.

OCA News Editor