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FIFA Approves Use of Goal Line Technology

FIFA, international football’s governing body, has announced that it will proceed with plans to implement goal line technology after nine months of rigorous testing. Development comes from two separate organizations. Hawk-eye, a camera-based technology well-known for its use in cricket and tennis, will work alongside the censor-based GoalRef technology of German and Danish origin.
Now that the door has been opened for use of such technologies, there is no doubt other tech developers will be interested in creating systems of their own.

FIFA joins the 21st century!

FIFA already plans to implement the goal line technology at in Brazil for the Consideration Cup during the summer of 2013, as well as the World Cup Finals in 2014. The organization may option to retain use of the five-official system, which plants two additional referees at each goal-line to officiate. This system was put in place during this year’s Euro 2012 competition, but was met with some harsh criticism from owners, players, and fans due to goal controversy during the Ukraine v England match.
Several officials, including EUFA president Michel Platini, admittedly stated these goal-line refs are more in place to officiate penalty box behavior than reviewing the goal-line itself. Platini went on to question where we draw the line, fearing next we will hear demand for technology to encroach on offside calls and penalty kicks as well. The two systems can however work together for mutual benefit.
Officiating bodies seeking to implement these systems are advised to contact the manufacturer to discuss time-frames and prices prior to installation. All systems to be implemented will also need to be reviewed and approved by FIFA before finally being accepted for use in match play. Some officials estimate we will see these systems put in to use as soon as half-way through next season.
As good as it may sound, these systems come with a hefty price tag, leaving only the more wealthy clubs in a position to implement them.

OCA News Editor